Welcome to the Gardner Martial Arts Website


Gardner Martial Arts is a locally owned school and a proud member of the Traditional Youn Wha Ryu Organization. We are located at 510 W. Main St by Oakbrook Animal Hospital.

What do we teach?

We teach a style of martial art called Youn Wha Ryu. Our style is primarily a stand up striking art that incorporates techniques from taekwondo, karate and kung fu. Additionally Youn Wha Ryu contains the throws and joint locks of judo, hapkido and aikido.

Why choose Gardner Martial Arts?

  • Low fees and NO CONTRACTS– ‘You stay because you like it, not because you are in a contract’
  • Multiple class times per week
  • Access to any of our schools throughout the country and involvement with sister Youn Wha Ryu stylists
  • Traditional concepts and training along with a modern approach to fitness and effective self-defense skills
  • Regular tournaments (not mandatory but highly encouraged)
  • Regular testing cycles when you are ready and conducted by top ranking Masters in the association.


Why train in martial arts?

Martial arts training can increase your cardiovascular health and fitness, flexibility, mobility and strength. It can also improve your concentration and focus. Martial arts teaches you the techniques and mental strategies for self-defense. Also, martial arts is very FUN!!

How do I get started?

New students are always welcome, we are always enrolling. The first two classes are completely FREE!!

If you choose to sign-up with us we offer a sign-up special that includes the first month’s tuition, a uniform and patches, a curriculum handbook and association dues. We do not have contracts but instead charge a low fee on a monthly basis. We offer discounts for families!

Come try a class today!