Welcome to the Gardner Martial Arts Website


While we teach martial arts in our classes, we feel that we are teaching much more than that.  We are helping to create tomorrow’s leaders, increasing our students confidence, and growing our “family.”

The association website has all the history of Grandmaster Han and the humble beginnings of our martial art and the association.  Our martial art, Youn Wha Ryu, incorporates elements from taekwondo, karate, hapkido, kung fu, jiu jistu, tai chi, and trains in many weapons.

Gardner Martial Arts was started in September 2009 in Gardner, KS by Aaron and Gina Wyant following their move to Gardner earlier that summer.   There was only 1 student our first class night, but we have continued to grow ever since!  We offer many different class days, times, and locations to help meet your schedule.

Aaron and Gina are both certified instructors and have worked with students of all ages and abilities.  So tour the site, learn a little more and we encourage you to stop by and try a class or two and meet our martial arts family.

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